Ready for Easter

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter! This year is going by so fast. I love holidays, Christmas and Easter are my favorites. The Birth and Resurrection of our Saviour are definitely reasons to celebrate!

He is Risen!

IMG_8160The Cross is very dear to me because it’s a reminder that Jesus died for us. When I was thinking about setting our table for Easter I knew I wanted to have the Cross to be the focus of the table.IMG_8175

 This Cross is also special to me because my mother made it and gave it to me.


I had a rustic tray that I found at the Meander Shop a while back. I thought it would make a good foundation for my center centerpiece. I used a block of oasis to hold the Cross.


I covered the oasis with Spanish moss. I used a garland of greenery around the base of the oasis. I had three twig garlands that I worked around and behind the cross then I topped it with string lights.

I placed the centerpiece on top of a winter white linen tablecloth Topped with a burlap runner.


I placed off white distressed candlesticks on each side of the centerpiece.

I wanted to keep each place setting simple to keep the focus on the cross centerpiece. Each place setting consisted of an off white charger plate, 222 Fifth Lyria Teal dinner plate, lace trimmed napkin topped with the matching salad plate.

Here’s the finished table!

This year I decided to also set my breakfast table.


I rarely do this because I don’t need any excuse to eat in front of the TV! LOLIMG_8284

I started off with a white tablecloth.

Then I added these cute blue place mats that I found at Home Goods.

IMG_8277My place setting consisted of a square lace trimmed dinner plate that I found on Etsy, a blue scalloped edge Pfaltizgraff plate, a 222 Fifth Damask black and white plate, topped with a character plate I purchased at TJ Max in a mixed set.


To the right of the plate I used a floral coffee cup on top of a Pfaltizgraff blue and white checked saucer.

My Mother and Sister gave me these sweet bunny serving pieces several years ago.


This cute little bunny looks like he’s smelling the flowers.


I grouped them in the center of the table. I added these beautiful flowers from my neighbor’s tree and jelly beans under the candle for a pop of color.

IMG_8279 And there you have it, our kitchen ready for Easter!

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5 KJV)

Happy Easter!

Brother Scan N Cut 2 Tutorial


Brother Scan N Cut 2 TutorialUntil recently I was not familiar with the Brother Scan N Cut 2.
My cousin Beth received one for Christmas and was telling me how great it was! I stopped by to see it in action. I was so impressed and excited, now I want one! LOL

The Scan N Cut 2 is a home craft cutting machine that is similar to a Cricut cutter. It cuts paper, adhesive vinyl, and HTV (iron on vinyl),etc.
One of the great things about Scan N Cut 2 versus a Cricut is that it does just what the name says it scans then cuts. You can also import designs from your computer. Not only are there no more cartridges to have to buy, you also save a lot of paper or vinyl.


The scanning feature allows you to scan exactly where your vinyl is placed on the mat. Then it cuts your design out of the piece of vinyl in that exact spot on the mat. There is very little waste!

Beth took step-by-step pictures of the awesome machine in action!

Brother Scan N Cut 2 Tutorial

Enter your design from computer or USB.


It will show up on the screen like this.


Place your vinyl on the sticky mat decorative side up.

If you’re using HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) place it on the sticky mat decorative side down. In this tutorial we’re using HTV.


Enter the mat into machine and press the button to scan your mat.


Select your design. (In this picture there is only one design. If you have multiple designs you will see all of them. Touch the one you want to select.)

If you are using HTV select the reverse image button (It’s the button that looks like a triangle split in half)  If you are using any other material, skip this step.



When your design is ready to be cut, make sure it is placed on the scanned vinyl shown on your screen. If you need to center your design, use the touch screen with your finger to move it around. Press OK.


Select Cut.


Press the green Start Button.

Allow the machine to cut. When cutting is finished, eject the mat.





Gently remove the excess vinyl.

Brother Scan N Cut 2 Tutorial

They are so easy to iron on. Just place them where you want on anything that safe to iron.


Cover with a handkerchief or thin piece of fabric.


Place the hot iron on top and press down firmly for 10 to 15 seconds in each area.


Gently pull off the clear film.


Place the handkerchief or cloth back over the top and repeat the ironing process. Ta-Da! You’re done

There are so many cool things you can do with this. Anything that you would normally embroider in addition to things that you were unable to embroider with a home embroidery machine you can use HTV (iron on vinyl) instead. For instance, sometimes bags are very hard to embroider because they’re hard to hoop. Some bags are just too thick to embroider. You could use the HTV for bags, luggage, pillows, stuffed animals, window shades, etc. almost anything you would want to embroider that can’t fit into the hoop. There are so many choices of HTV, glitter, furry textures and designs plus tons of solid colors. Endless possibilities!

The adhesive vinyl is great too! They work well for walls, headboards, rain boots, dry erase boards, clipboards, Easter buckets and baskets, just about any hard surface you can think of.

If you don’t have a Scan N Cut 2, you can purchase cut outs from Beth’s Etsy shop. Here’s the link:

Here’s what I did with mine.



Cute bag for Game Day!

Have I mentioned I love Brother Scan N Cut 2! I want one! 😉

St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

March is a very busy month! There’s baseball season, St. Patrick’s Day, and this year Easter is also in March. So that means I’ll be changing my table a lot this month! Fun! I hope y’all are enjoying my table settings as much as I enjoying doing them.
I’ve always loved to set my table. Shortly after we moved, I was at my neighbor’s house. She had her table set and I commented on how pretty it looked. She said “do you know who inspired me to set my table?” I replied “no, who?” “You did!” She said. Since I did not know her until we moved into this neighborhood I was kind of surprised about that. She went on to tell me that around 20 years ago she and her husband looked at a house we had for sale. I had my table set. She said it looked so pretty that it inspired her to go home and set her table and she’s done it ever since. It made me so happy that I inspired her and I hope I will inspire y’all too. Whether it’s to set your table, paint furniture, or just be creative with what you have.
Before I start working on a project I try to always pray that God will work through me, order my steps and guide my thoughts. Because without Him, I am nothing! My hope is to inspire you to use your God given ability to make your home beautiful!


Today is Tablescape Thursday on one of my favorite blogs. Every Thursday, Between Naps on the Porch does a blog party. This is when one blog allows other blogs to link to their site. If I have recently changed my table, I like to post the new tablescape on Thursday. This way I can join the blog party and you guys can click on the link and see all of the beautiful tables there.

Here’s the blog party link:

8 Festive Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

With this tablescape I’m bringing the outside into my dining room! Not really, but I do want my table to look like spring time! Easter is just around the corner, but in the meantime I wanted to have a St. Patrick’s day theme. I decided to go all green and white to keep things simple.

I left the white tablecloth on and the white chargers. I also wanted to use the lace runner but I wanted to add a little color to that.


I found this tiny green and white ribbon at Hobby Lobby.


I ran it through the open weave of the lace.

Then I added a few other touches of green.


Greenery and cabbages in the center with candlesticks and green Shamrock place mats (felt pieces I bought at the Dollar Tree).


I used a white charger plate and a green leaf dinner plate.
I found this Shamrock printed ribbon at Hobby Lobby and used it to tie round the salad plate just for a little pattern.


I bought 2 & 1/2 yards of this green and white fabric at Hobby Lobby. It has seahorses on it but I’m going to layer it under the white napkins I already have so you won’t notice them. I was just going for color. I will use this on my beach tablescape this summer as well.


Here’s the finished table.

I hope y’all are inspired to make every day beautiful!