Lamp Makeover

I scored these beauties at the Thrift Store this week!


Well, they’re not that great yet but they will be! They just need a little TLC!

I’m not quite sure what’s up with the orange and black? Maybe someone used it for a Halloween party??? Lol.

I didn’t  care that the paint was ugly. I really liked the shape and the lamp shade. I knew I could always paint it if I couldn’t get the orange paint to come off. (The main thing was they both worked and I didn’t have to rewrite either one of them!)

The 1st thing I did was just clean them with a damp cloth. Next I thought I’d try to get the orange paint off. I knew alcohol would take latex paint off enamel so I thought I’d try that first.


Guess what? It worked! Yay!

The main thing to remember is to keep your cloth clean. If not you’ll just smear it around. It just took me a few minuets to have it all cleaned up! I’m still considering painting it a medium gray with black stripes. I would make it about 3 stripes wide for each color.


On the other hand, I may just enjoy it the way it is for a while. 😉  What do y’all think?


I moved it around several different places. I wanted to decide where it’s forever home would be.

I really liked it here! image

All the black lamp needed was to be cleaned up and add a lamp shade.


I already had a new burlap shade that was the perfect size! I bought it a while back at Ross.


Here’s the before and after. Not too bad for $3.99 lamp and a $9.99 shade! 😉

I hope this inspires you to be creative and have fun!

Have a great weekend! Leann

Daybed Slipcover

Hey! Are y’all ready to sew ???? Break out that machine and let’s get busy! Several weeks ago I posted a tutorial on DIY European pillow shams. Today I have the tutorial for a super easy daybed cover.

This is really more of a slipcover than a coverlet. You could use these basic instructions for a daybed, bunk beds or an ottoman. It’s basically a fitted sheet without elastic. I wanted a matching coverlet for this daybed but I didn’t want something that would be slipping around every time the boys sat down on it.


This makes the daybed look more like a sofa and that’s what I’m going for.
Ok, let’s get started.
1st thing you need to do is decide what’s going to be under the bedcover and put it on the bed. Because you want a good fit it’s better to determine this ahead of time.



I used a sheet set and a blanket.

If you’re planning on washing this bedcover you should prewash your fabric before get started.

Next measure the width and length of the mattress. Then decide what your drop will be and add an inch all the way around for the hem.
I wanted mine to cover the side of the mattress and then tuck under a little. A standard twin mattress is approximately 38 wide by 75 long. The drop varies depending on the thickness of your mattress. Next step is to cut your fabric. I think I cut mine about 58×97 ( My fabric was wider than most decorator fabrics that are 54 inches.) If you have a deeper mattress you may need to sew two widths of fabric together.


Place your fabric on top of the mattress (over the blanket etc).
Position the fabric evenly on all sides.



Then pull the fabric out to a point and pin down the corner of the mattress. It is going to create a triangle shaped flap. The line you’re pinning is the line you’re going to sew.
Pin all 4 corners.

Gently lift the fabric off the mattress.


Sew straight down the line you pinned. Remove pins after sewing.
Next try it back on the mattress to make sure it fits well.

After you check your fit then cut off the triangle shape flap. Leave about an inch. (Notice the band-aid! One to many encounters with a pin!)


I snip the top of the flap to make it lay pretty and not bulge out.


While the fabric is still on the mattress fold up about 1 inch or whatever you’ve allowed for your hem and pin. This is a good time to adjust the length if it’s longer than you want just give yourself more fabric in the hem. Gently lift fabric off the mattress.

imageHem your fabric. I serged the fabric then used a blind stitch for the hem.



You can stitch yours or serge it if it’s going to tuck under and not show. I wanted mine to look nice if it wasn’t tucked neatly under the mattress. (We know that all teenage boys are going to take the time to tuck the fabric neatly under the mattress. Lol) 🙂 I’m just happy if they 1/2 way throw the covers back on the bed. Ha!


Iron all four corners and the hem.
Place your beautiful new slipcover over your mattress and make the bed.
How easy was that???
Happy stitching!


Hey guys! Summer has gone by so fast! The kids start back to school on Monday! I can’t believe it!

I have had so many great projects going this summer, but between work, family time and this cute little ball of fur I haven’t had much time to post!

Meet our Goldendoodle, Gracie!


She pranced into our lives about 2 & ½ months ago and things haven’t been the same since!


She is the sweetest puppy ever!!! She has us wrapped around her little paw! LOL
We have never had an inside dog before. To say that she’s keeping me on my toes is an understatement! We have a huge crate and dog toys and blankets everywhere! Ha! She sure is cute but my living room doesn’t look so pretty right now.


People have said to me, it’s like having a new baby. Well, I wish I would’ve gotten this much sleep when my babies were little. Lol


She’s about 4 & 1/2 months old now!


She’s a lot of work but she is so worth it!


Doesn’t she look like the perfect little dog just posing for her picture????

How about, No? Lol Just kidding! 🙂  We did have some behind the scenes help from Blake!

Too Cute!

IMG_9494She thinks she has found a friend:) They kind of  favor don’t cha think? 😉

IMG_9499She is gotten so big! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.
I’m planning to post a DIY dog crate cover tutorial pretty soon. Also, my solution to hiding the dog crate and the toys. (When I figure it out! Lol) I’m sure you’ll be seeing more pictures of her soon.

I know you guys Tune in for decorating tips and ideas. But she was too cute not to share!
If you’re looking for some great new projects and fresh ideas I have good news for you! Even though I haven’t had much time to post, I have taken step-by-step pictures of my recent projects. I have a lot of great things to share with y’all very soon!

Say goodnight Gracie! 😉