Blueberry Tarts

Blueberry tarts

A few days ago I posted a Blueberry Tart photograph on Facebook and Instagram. They were just so pretty I couldn’t resist! I had several people to comment on my post so I decided to post the recipe on my blog for those of you who follow me on Pinterest.

This recipe is so easy and incredibly yummy! It is great for party or an every day treat! They do not last long at my house, my family loves them! So without further ado……..

Blueberry Tart Recipe!

Tarts✨ sugar cookie dough formed into a mini tart pan, bake according to sugar cookie dough recipe directions, allow them to cool before removing from the tart pan.

Filling✨ One cup granulated white sugar.✨ One block softened cream cheese ✨ 1 teaspoon vanilla✨ a dash of salt

✨ blend until creamy

✨fill the tarts with the cream cheese mixture

✨ top with Blueberries, BlackBerries or Strawberries! Yummy😍

Blueberry tarts

A few tips-

* I usually use this Nestle Toll House Break and bake sugar cookie dough. It’s the perfect size for the mini tart pan. I have made my own but this usually turns out just as well, and it’s a lot less work! 😉 (oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!)

Blueberry tarts

* Spray the tart pan with cooking spray.

* You can use a mini tart shaper. If you use the tart shaper you will need to dip it into powdered sugar in between forming each tart. I did not use one on these, I just formed the dough with my fingers.

* When removing the tarts from the tart pan allow them to cool first. After they’re  cool remove them by twisting and lifting them out of the tart pan.

* Wash any berries you are using and allow them to dry completely.

* These are best served on the same day you make them. If you are going to make them ahead of time I would make them separately and put them together a few hours before serving. They tend to get a little soft in the refrigerator.

That’s it! My favorite is Blueberry! What’s yours? 🙂

Problem-Solving Hardwood

Problem-solving hardwood? Really? Yes really!

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a remodel and had an issue trying to match existing hardwood, you’re really going to appreciate this post! A few weeks ago I stopped by Georgia Carpet Industries  to check out some of their flooring options. They have so many amazing products! There was one I was very excited to find out about, HomerWood Flooring!

HomerWood has beautiful hardwood flooring!

HomerWood Hardwood

Check out this Herringbone! Love it! I would love to use this on the wall! It would also make a super cool headboard!

HomerWood Hardwood

I love this color! Not too dark, not too light, it’s just right! 😉

HomerWood Hardwood

 This is a great look!

HomerWood Hardwood

You can’t beat this Amish Hand-Scraped, Hickory Saddle! Check out the detail in this flooring! Absolutely Stunning! I would love to use this on the ceiling!

These are a few of my favorites.

To check out other styles click on the link below:

The thing I was most excited about….. Drum Roll please, HomerWood will custom match your existing hardwood! Yes, you read it right! This is great news! Problem solving, oh yeah!  All you have to do is send a sample of your existing hardwood and they will match it! This could save having to refinish a house full of hardwood just to make one area match another. I can’t tell you how many times this would have come in handy over the years!

When we did our kitchen remodel, I was holding my breath that there would be hardwood under the cabinets we took out. Luckily there was! It wasn’t finished, but it was there! Since we changed the layout we had to refinish the entire kitchen floor to match. I wish I had known about HomerWood then!

I’m thrilled to know there is a company out there like HomerWood that makes such a great product! Oh, and on top of all that,  they’re also made right here in the United States of America!

Check them out!

How to dry Hydrangeas


Today I am going to show you a quick and easy way to dry Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! I mean, what’s not to love?

It’s like there are all these tiny little flowers making up this one gigantic fluffy Bloom!
The bushes get huge and they are so beautiful, so full of blooms and color, and you never know what color they’re going to be. Depending upon the soil, the flowers can change color. It’s a great surprise finding out what color your hydrangeas will be! The flowers are so beautiful on the bush and they also make gorgeous cut flower arrangements.


I also love dried hydrangeas, they can be enjoyed all year!  Drying hydrangeas is super easy!

I enjoy my hydrangeas on the bush through about the middle to end of August. (This might be a little different for you according to the area that you live in.) When the blooms have a few tiny dried flowers here and there it’s time to cut them.

How to dry Hydrangeas
Cut the hydrangeas off the bush and give yourself a 10 to 18 inch stem.

How to dry Hydrangeas

I take off all of the leaves except for maybe the top one or two.

How to dry Hydrangeas

Fill the vase with water and place the hydrangeas in the vase.One thing to remember is not to overfill the vase if you if you want your flowers to stay big and fluffy.

How to dry Hydrangeas

If you put too many flowers in each container the stems will not stay straight and the blooms will not look as pretty. Keep a check on the water. You don’t want to let your Hydrangeas run out of water before they’re dried. After they’re dry remove any water that’s left in the vase.

All that’s left to do now is wait. Enjoy your flowers while they’re fresh and before you know it you’ll have dried Hydrangeas!

How to dry Hydrangeas www.thewhole9yards.tvIt’s that simple! 🙂

Mercury Glass Tutorial

I love, love, LOVE the look of Mercury Glass!

Since I don’t have a huge stash of vintage Mercury Glass in my storage building (I know that may surprise some of you! lol) I had to find another way to achieve this look!

The tutorial I have today is one of my favorites! I’m going to share with you a fast and easy way to turn plain glass into glass that looks like an antique mirror. So let’s get busy!image

Here are the supplies you will need. Plain regular glass. Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. (I found mine at Hobby Lobby.)

Gold spray paint. I used an antique gold.

A spray bottle with 50% water 50% white vinegar mixture. Paper towels and glass cleaner.


You will start with a plain piece of regular glass. I had mine cut at Lowe’s. I was using an existing picture frame so I have the glass cut to fit the frame I had. image

I actually did several pieces at one time. Clean the glass with Glass cleaner to remove any dirt or oil. Lay your glass out flat. I used a box and some brown paper under mine to keep it off the grass.


Shake the can according to directions.( It’s a lot of shaking but it has to happen!) LOL


Spray  the 1st coat of the Looking Glass spray over the entire piece of glass. You do not have to spray this super thick because you’re going to do three coats total. Allow this to dry for one minute.


 Now mist the vinegar water solution over the entire piece of glass. Because the vinegar is acidic it will cause the Looking Glass paint to release from the glass. This will allow you to move it around with a paper towel. Let it dry one minute.


 I tried to get a picture to show what the vinegar looks like but the sun was reflecting off the glass. I moved to the shade after this picture. Basically you want to mist it evenly over the entire piece of glass.


After one minute take the scrunched up paper towel and dab the vinegar. You want to move the paint around a little. It almost makes it crackle in some areas. In other areas it will pull off completely.

image This didn’t photgraph very well. You can kind of see where paint lifted off.


You will repeat this process for a total off 3 coats of Looking Glass and 3 coats of Vinegar solution. Each time you dab the paper towel it moves the paint in different areas.

imageThis last step is optional. I like to spray a light coat of gold (more of an antique gold and not bright shiny gold) spray paint over the entire piece of glass. I do not try to cover the whole area.  Just here and there.


This makes the Mercury glass look aged. This is what the finished product looks like before you turn it over.

Do not be afraid. Lol. It’s supposed to look this way. Remember the side you’re working on is actually the back.

 When you leave some areas without the gold paint it will allow you to see your wall color through the crackled places.

Mercury Glass Tutorial

This is a picture of the finished product! It’s much prettier in person. Because it reflects like a mirror it’s hard to get a great picture.

Mercury Glass Tutorial

Have I mentioned that I Love this product? 😉

Mercury Glass Tutorial

I made these about a year ago for my bathroom. I had a set of pictures that were a little dated. I still liked the frames. I took them apart, and had 2 pieces of glass cute to fit my frame.

Mercury Glass Tutorial

My son Beau gave me several black and white pictures from an antique book. They are pictures of Washington D.C.

Our family took a trip to D.C. several years ago. We had a great time! That makes these prints very special to me

I used scrapbook paper, handmade paper and burlap to layer my print on.  I placed all of that on top of the Mercury Glass.

Then I used a plain piece of glass on top of everything and placed it back into the frame. I did not use anything behind the Mercury Glass so my wall color would show through the crackled mirror.

There are tons of possibilities for this product! I have several more I’ll be sharing with y’all very soon! Happy Labor Day Y’all! 🙂