Picture Perfect Pantry

I’ve always wanted a pretty pantry. You know the kind that doesn’t look like you really store food in there. 😂

One filled with baskets that all match and containers filled with cereal, cookies and pasta.

A pantry that’s just dreamy!

A pantry that’s

“Picture Perfect “

😍😍 😍

Well, I must have been dreaming when I had the idea to stencil this pantry. I don’t know what I was thinking 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂  I’m kidding y’all. (Not really 😉 ) I’m totally in love with way it turned out, but it was a lot more work to get it there than I originally planned.

Now, if I had decided to stencil this one little wall before we had these awesome weathered wood shelves installed, we’d probably be having an  entirely different conversation. 😃

Once the shelves  were installed it made it much harder to work in a tiny space. I did I have the stencils cut to fit between most of the shelves but there still were a lot of tight spaces they were difficult to work in.

A few tricks I learned while doing this:

1-  have more than one stencil to work with. This will make it much faster no matter what size wall or floor you’re working.

2-  be sure to blot the paint off of your stencil  after each use.

3-  Use spray  adhesive to keep the stencil in place. This will prevent paint from going behind the stencil.

4- For applying the paint,  A small paint roller worked  better than  a brush.

5- Stencil before installing shelves ( I had to throw that one in there! 😏)

I considered  wallpaper but, I knew I wanted this design.

It was more a lot expensive to order it in a wallpaper so I decided just to go for it!

I’m so glad that I did!

Every time I looked around the corner to see this Picture Perfect Pantry it makes it all worth while!

Doesn’t that just make you smile? 😃😃😃

I just wonder if the new owners are enjoying the fruits of my labor? 😂

I have a step by step tutorial on my saved stories on Instagram if you want to see more.

Here’s a link to the baskets. They’re from BHG Live Better @walmart




Have a great week sweet friends!

With much love,

Leanna 😘

Problem-Solving Hardwood

Problem-solving hardwood? Really? Yes really!

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a remodel and had an issue trying to match existing hardwood, you’re really going to appreciate this post! A few weeks ago I stopped by Georgia Carpet Industries  to check out some of their flooring options. They have so many amazing products! There was one I was very excited to find out about, HomerWood Flooring!

HomerWood has beautiful hardwood flooring!

HomerWood Hardwood www.georgiacarpetindustries.com

Check out this Herringbone! Love it! I would love to use this on the wall! It would also make a super cool headboard!

HomerWood Hardwood www.georgiacarpetindustries.com

I love this color! Not too dark, not too light, it’s just right! 😉

HomerWood Hardwood www.georgiacarpetindustries.com

 This is a great look!

HomerWood Hardwood www.georgiacarpetindustries.com

You can’t beat this Amish Hand-Scraped, Hickory Saddle! Check out the detail in this flooring! Absolutely Stunning! I would love to use this on the ceiling!

These are a few of my favorites.

To check out other styles click on the link below:


The thing I was most excited about….. Drum Roll please, HomerWood will custom match your existing hardwood! Yes, you read it right! This is great news! Problem solving, oh yeah!  All you have to do is send a sample of your existing hardwood and they will match it! This could save having to refinish a house full of hardwood just to make one area match another. I can’t tell you how many times this would have come in handy over the years!

When we did our kitchen remodel, I was holding my breath that there would be hardwood under the cabinets we took out. Luckily there was! It wasn’t finished, but it was there! Since we changed the layout we had to refinish the entire kitchen floor to match. I wish I had known about HomerWood then!

I’m thrilled to know there is a company out there like HomerWood that makes such a great product! Oh, and on top of all that,  they’re also made right here in the United States of America!

Check them out!