Farmhouse Kitchen

 Have you ever walked into a space that did not look so hot,  but you totally did not see it that way? When I walked into this kitchen for the very first time I saw what was in my head, not what was in front of my eyes!  To be truthful, I don’t think I ever saw it any other way!
In the original footprint the kitchen was underneath where I was standing to take this picture.

Here’s the same view after we flipped the kitchen. Looks a little different, huh? 😂

I knew in order to make this kitchen what it needed to be, we were going to need to remove the wall from the dining room into the kitchen and open up  the  two spaces to make them one.

The old kitchen cabinets were about where this island ends.

Once the wall was removed we would then have a huge kitchen and breakfast area that would be perfect for entertaining and in every day living!

This is where the wall used to be.

 So, one of the first things that had to happen,  The long windows had to go! They were removed and shorter windows that would sit above the countertops replaced them.

Much better!😃

Then comes the island! We  created this island by re-purposing some of the cabinets from the previous kitchen.

I wanted to add some depth to the design. We used shiplap around the sides and back of the island and then chunky beams for the X on the end.

We also wanted to have a space for barstools or one long bench. To Create that space we went out further with the braces and the countertop.

My absolute favorite thing about this kitchen design is this sink cabinet and farmhouse sink! I just wanna smile every time I look at it!  😃  And maybe even dance little!  💃🏼 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼  Yep, it makes me that happy! 😂

The floating shelves are also a showstopper!

Let’s  just take a second to soak up all of the beauty of this custom made range hood! I mean, it just totally makes me 🤩🤩🤩!

A white kitchen is my absolute favorite! I knew from the beginning I wanted this kitchen to be white, but also wanted to bring in the warmth of some wood tones as well.

The backsplash is  White subway tile with white grout. The countertops are Quartz Carrera.

My favorite part of this house reno was the kitchen! But, my favorite part of this whole entire project was who I was able to work with!  I’m so thankful that my long time friend and bestie asked me to partner with her to do this project!  We had a blast! We turned something not so desirable into something that makes you want to come in the door and never want to leave! I hope you all love it as much as we do. 💗💗💗💗💗

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I have all sources tagged there in addition to saved stories on this whole entire process. Thanks so much for reading along y’all!

See you soon!  😘



Rustic Modern Conference Room

I’m so excited to share this post today! I have decided to divide this into multiple post because there are several things I wanted to share to give you all the details of this project. I completed this a few months ago, I just haven’t had time to sit down and blog about it until now. Room reveals are one of my favorite things to blog about. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good before and after? 😉 I want to post a lot more of them, it just takes me a little longer to  write a post that has so many details. In the next few weeks I plan to share several before and after projects with y’all.

On this particular job I do not have a before picture. This started out as a chicken farm. I think the conference room and office area use to be a storage building, a stackhouse or something like that. I’ll just let you use your imagination! LOL 🙂

I will give you a little background info, this company is Pro-Green Lime. They converted a former chicken farm into a recycling plant. Because it is a recycling plant I tried to reuse, repurpose, and recycle as many items as possible on this job.  Those are things I like to do anyway!

I’m going to start off with the conference room.

Modern rustic conference room www.thewhole9yards.tvThe moment I walked in, I knew I wanted to create some cozy spaces within the room. The conference table, chairs and kitchenette on the right side of the room.

Modern rustic conference room

A sitting area and a coffee bar on the left was the perfect way to create a balance.

Modern rustic conference room

I used three different shades of paint in this room. The walls are Functional Gray by Sherwin-Williams The trim is Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin-Williams and the cabinet color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams. Urbane Bronze has a bit of a bronze/green undertone which was perfect for all of my fabrics and trim.

Modern rustic conference room

Modern rustic conference room

For the window treatment I used a linen fabric panel accented by this awesome tape trim (from Fringe Market) on the leading edge.

Modern rustic conference room

This is four panel distressed map is printed on metal. It was my starting point for the colors in the room.

Since we’re on the subject of art, let’s talk about these lights! They look like art on the ceiling and they make my ❤️ so happy!    I wanted the lighting  in this room to be a wow factor!  It definitely is that! rustic modern conference room

Modern rustic conference room

modern conference room

I described the lights I wanted to my carpenter and he totally nailed it! (No pun intended!) 😂We used recycled tin from the chicken house for the backside and threaded rods on the front. The exposed Edison bulbs add to the character of the room.

Modern rustic conference room

In the center we created these lights from  industrial pipe and Edison bulbs. They’re so cool! They even have the gauges and knobs to create the look of working pipes! 

Modern rustic conference room

 The conference table is 8×8. It was the inspiration for this room.  When my client asked me to start on this project they had just purchased this table. I was Thrilled! I loooove the rustic look and feel it adds to the room! Mid-Century Modern chairs complete the look.

Well, that’s it for part one! 😊

Stay tuned……

Lamp Makeover

I scored these beauties at the Thrift Store this week!


Well, they’re not that great yet but they will be! They just need a little TLC!

I’m not quite sure what’s up with the orange and black? Maybe someone used it for a Halloween party??? Lol.

I didn’t  care that the paint was ugly. I really liked the shape and the lamp shade. I knew I could always paint it if I couldn’t get the orange paint to come off. (The main thing was they both worked and I didn’t have to rewrite either one of them!)

The 1st thing I did was just clean them with a damp cloth. Next I thought I’d try to get the orange paint off. I knew alcohol would take latex paint off enamel so I thought I’d try that first.


Guess what? It worked! Yay!

The main thing to remember is to keep your cloth clean. If not you’ll just smear it around. It just took me a few minuets to have it all cleaned up! I’m still considering painting it a medium gray with black stripes. I would make it about 3 stripes wide for each color.


On the other hand, I may just enjoy it the way it is for a while. 😉  What do y’all think?


I moved it around several different places. I wanted to decide where it’s forever home would be.

I really liked it here! image

All the black lamp needed was to be cleaned up and add a lamp shade.


I already had a new burlap shade that was the perfect size! I bought it a while back at Ross.


Here’s the before and after. Not too bad for $3.99 lamp and a $9.99 shade! 😉

I hope this inspires you to be creative and have fun!

Have a great weekend! Leann

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Before and After

My Sun Room Remodel Project…

Here is the story of my sun room remodel project.

I was excited about the sun-room from the moment I walked in. I love the windows that surround the room and the vaulted ceiling! ( I looked past the fact there were white faux wood panels on the ceiling because I knew I wouldn’t leave it that way very long.) We added Tongue and Groove wood directly over the existing ceiling and wrapped the center beam with Rough Sawn Lumber for a complete transformation! Since we needed the ceiling fan to cool the room I decided to give it an updated look. We sprayed the brass with oil rubbed bronze and the blades received two coats of chocolate brown paint. I’m not a huge fan of ceiling fans (Ha!) however I was very pleased with the outcome of this project! The sofa is accented with pillows in shades of tan, blue and gray. I wanted the sofa to blend with the wall color. I choose Heron Grey by Glidden.

Sun Room Remodel Project - 001

The simple, luxurious Karastan rug adds color, texture and style to the floor. It completes this room beautifully.

Sun Room Remodel Project - 002

Black iron drapery rods and natural colored linen Grommet panels are a great solution to block out the sun in the heat of the day. They also stack back completely in the corners framing the view.

Sun Room Remodel Project - 003

The clean lines and classic style of the Biedermeier inspired Armoire is timeless.